Internationalization in Modern Apps

Frequently abbreviated as i18n, Internationalization is a way to make your application accessible to users from different regions and countries, with i18n you design your application in such a way that it can easily be adapted to different languages or regions with no engineering effort.
Some parts that are normally different from one region to another are these:

All these are differently expressed depending on the region you or your users are in. I recently updated our documentation on how we are currently using i18n at DoubleGDP you can find it here the documentation here demonstrates how we are currently using it in our stack and also following other company guidelines like community specific and integration with a platform that handles translations on your behalf.

Why do we need Internationalization?

In simple words, we need Internationalization for a better communication.

We design applications for different users in different parts of the world and all our efforts go into making sure we can clearly communicate to them what the application does and how it can be used so that they find it easy to use, while this is in good combination with a good user experience making sure users can relate to the language communicated to them in your application as theirs makes them want to use it more.

How does it work in your application?

Internationalization is implemented differently depending on the programming language you are using, In this article we will talk briefly on how this is done in the browser and basically in Javascript.

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